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You guyyyys! I am SO excited that I was able to include the amazing and magical Crystal Unicorn Tarot deck in the March ‘Witchy Women’ boxes. I always envisioned including a unicorn tarot deck of some kind, even two years ago when I first started Unicorn Crate. Well, the stars aligned! I love this deck so much and hope it will bring you as much joy and introspective moments as it has brought me.

For this post, I had the pleasure of asking Pamela Chen, the creator of Crystal Unicorn Tarot, a few questions. I hope you enjoy!

By the way, if you missed the March crate, I just listed the few leftover March items in the goodies shop, including some of these tarot decks!

Q & A

What was the inspiration for the Crystal Unicorn Tarot deck?

I really wanted a Unicorn deck for myself and when I saw the Unicorn Lisa had drawn for one of the sweaters she made I knew she needed to draw me one! I was not even going to sell it until my mentor Leeza Robertson (creator of the Mermaid Tarot + Animal Totem Tarot) told me to! I wanted to include crystals because I love to use crystals as a healing tool and that’s part of what tarot means to me too.

Can you describe the collaboration between yourself and the artist Lisa Higuchi?

I’ve known Lisa for awhile, she’s my best friend’s best friend! She is actually a clothing designer. It was really fun working with her I hardly had to edit anything. I really just said hey here’s the Rider Waite Smith images, make them Unicorn and pastel. By the way, she cried drawing the Ten of Swords!

How long have you been practicing tarot and what is your favorite thing about it?

I’ve been dabbling in Tarot since I was around 16. I didn’t really go deep until in my 20s and started reading for others.

What would be your advice to someone just picking up a tarot deck for the first time?

Have fun with it! You don’t need to know all the meanings all at once. Don’t be asking super emotional questions at first. Start with small and fun questions or just a basic every day pull for the energy of the day. Use the guidebooks, if you get a good deck, the guidebooks are loaded with information. Trust whatever comes up for you first whether it’s looking at the pictures or meaning from the guidebook. Just go with it.

What type of tarot spread do you use most often?

The three card spread, past, present, and future. Super easy to do and tells you the story for the reading.

Do you have a favorite type of crystal?

I love all of them! I can’t choose!

Many people are extremely excited to have found the deck in their March box and are now wondering about places to source crystals. Do you have any recommendations?

Yes! I co-own a crystal boutique on Instagram – @lunaprosperity. We give our crystals super good vibes before sending them out and make sure we source ethically mined crystals and of course crystals that have good quality. If online shopping is not your thing I would try your local metaphysical shop!

What is a typical day like as a clairvoyant, psychic, Reiki master, spiritual life coach, crystal boutique owner etc?

So I’ve grown so much from the beginning of my business, from opening up our crystal boutique, and even creating my deck. Since I created my deck I’ve been moving more into coaching and helping people study tarot and create their own decks! We already have two success stories. On my typical day I wake up around 7am and do my daily tarot pull and journaling. Then 30 minutes of Kundalini yoga. I always have my tea first then I start typing! If I’m not teaching an online class or recording a YouTube video I’ll be typing all day. I just got a contract with Llewelyn for my second deck so now I have a deadline. Then I break around 6pm and hang out with my fiancé and relax. Then I wind down and try to sleep by 10pm.

What type of unicorn are you?

I am a sparkling white unicorn with pastel pink mane and pastel rainbow horn.

What do unicorns mean to you?

To me Unicorns bring healing, joy, and magic into our lives! Unicorns do their own thing and not one is the same. They teach us to have confidence and be who you are.

The deck was included in the March ‘Witchy Women’ themed box. Who are some of your favorite “witchy women” in literature or film?

I actually just took the Discovery of Witches quiz and I ended up as a Vampire. I definitely identify myself as a Vampire,’maybe a Twilight Vampire because I want to Sparkle! My favorite Witch film is probably The Craft. I remember when we were little we would try to call the elements and do the light as a feather stiff as a board thing! I don’t remember if it worked. 😂

What are you currently reading?

I have multiple books that I read at the same time. Right now I’m re-reading Ilona Andrews and Nalini Singh books. I love paranormal romance!

What’s next for Luna Prosperity, any other decks in the works?

Yes! So many exciting things are happening right now. Leeza and I are launching our second round of Deck Creation Course in July. Our mission is to help people create a marketable deck for indie or traditional publishing. I’m hosting lots of intention manifesting classes. We are launching our tarot 101 course where you learn by creating tarot cards. My second deck is with Llewelyn, I’m creating it now! I am not allowed to say what it is but I know that you guys will love it.

Oh and I created a wild bonus card for the Crystal Unicorn Tarot this month. It’s a cute Unicorn eating donuts and the card says Donut Worry. I will be hopefully traveling the US this year and next doing workshops and signings so you can get a free card if you see me in person! My first one is scheduled on Oct 5th at 12pm in Atlanta Georgia at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore. I will be hosting a magical Unicorn workshop of some sort. So if you want me to come to your city, tell your local metaphysical stores!

If you want more info come play with me in my Facebook group! Crystal Unicorn Land –

Pamela is the creator of the Crystal Unicorn Tarot and an intuitive coach to magical humans and creatures alike who want to learn about tarot or create their own decks.

When she is not filming YouTube videos or teaching class, she loves to read paranormal romances, watch football, and travel around the world.

Follow her on Instagram at @pamelaunicorn and @lunaprosperity


Pssst! Do you love pandas? One of Pamela’s student’s from her deck creation course is launching her deck on Kickstarter right now! Thanks to the amazing coaching from the course, she hit 50% of her funding goal in less than 24 hours. Check out Way of the Panda Tarot!

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  1. Sadie
    April 10, 2019 at 7:20 pm (3 years ago)

    I love these artist interview posts! It’s so interesting to learn about the inspiration behind these pieces of art. Great idea!


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