Unicorn Crate is a magical monthly YA fantasy book subscription box curated by Naomi Farr. The Unicorn Pages is an extension of the Unicorn Crate community. If you’re interested in even more about the books featured in Unicorn Crate, interviews with authors and artists, book recommendations and reviews, behind the scenes of how certain items are selected or designed for the crates, then you’ve come to the right place!

Unicorn Crate featured titles May 2017 – November 2018

 Hi! I’m Naomi.  I’m a bookish unicorn / faerie / Gryffindor / cat lady. I’m a seeker of everyday magic and believe stories are one of the most important things in life. I created Unicorn Crate not only because I love books and bookish things, because I had a vision of creating more magic, joy, and enchantment in the world. I’m also a writer working on a YA fantasy! You can find me on Insta @avioletlife

What makes Unicorn Crate the best YA fantasy subscription box?

Every month I promise to send you:

* A brand new hardcover YA fantasy release, published within 6 weeks of receiving your box (often they’re released the very same week the boxes ship!)
* 5-6 handpicked bookish goodies (related to the monthly themes) made from a wide range of small businesses or sometimes made by Unicorn Crate when possible! Unicorn Crate is a small business in itself (it’s just me!). By purchasing a Unicorn Crate box, you are helping to support many small and family run shops from all over North America.
* Monthly themes that I carefully plan after reading the books in advance. Plus there is always a unicorn inspired item too!
* Exclusive items from publishers and authors that you won’t find anywhere else. Every box includes a handwritten letter from the author, and I also try to include signed bookplates as much as possible (so far every month!).